Customer Service Breakthroughs

Customer Service All States 2 days duration


On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify priority improvement areas
  • Understand your role and importance as a customer service provider
  • Create “fans” and “advocates”
  • Manage attitudes and emotions to ensure a consistent, positive customer experience
  • Deal with complaints and conflict situations
Unit 1 – The Value of Customers
Unit 2 – Quality Service
Unit 3 – Communications
Unit 4 – Self-Management
Unit 5 – Complaints and Conflict

Customer service staff who deal with customers face-to-face, over email, on the phone or on social media, along with customer service team managers or leaders.

  • 2-day workshop, instructor-led
  • Comprehensive Learning Guide

“Your training has lifted my time management to the next level.”

Eva Garcia

Lean Coach, Endeavour Foundation

“This will only appear in this course.”

Tom McGoven

Senior Developer, Swish Design