Microsoft Outlook for Projects

Project Management All States 30 days duration

Manage both operational and project workloads in one place. Receive practical, hands on instruction to help you absorb and apply proven techniques for tracking and managing projects using Microsoft Outlook.


On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Effectively manage projects within the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook
  • Stay in control of follow-ups, commitments and important deadlines
Unit 1 – Managing the Two Worlds of Work
Unit 2 – Setting up Outlook to manage projects
Unit 3 – Getting started on your next project
Unit 4 – Managing project tasks
Unit 5 – Managing project communication
Unit 6 – Tracking and reporting on project activities
Unit 7 – Back at the workplace

This course is intended for Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook graduates. It is ideal for those who need to track small to medium projects and provide basic reporting, but do not have dedicated project management software.

  • 1-day workshop, instructor-led
  • Comprehensive Learning Guide
  • Follow up Coaching Session to reinforce learning