Selling Breakthroughs

Selling & Negotiating All States 2 or 3 days duration

Keep your customers satisfied and create lasting relationships. The secret to making a successful sale is twofold: knowing what, why, how and when your audience wants to buy; and convincing your audience that the solution to their problem or need is you – your product or your service.


On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Accurately assess customer needs and establish needs awareness
  • Present solutions based upon priority and big picture needs, not products or services
  • Use the buyer’s motivations for increased focus and creating opportunities
  • Communicate as a problem-solver and trusted partner
  • Develop professional, long-lasting business-to-business relationships
Unit 1 – The selling and buying process
  • Discovering the stages a buyer moves through
  • Supporting the buyer
Unit 2 – Establishing buyers’ needs and needs awareness
  • Understanding needs or problems – seeing opportunities
  • The importance of first impressions
  • Relationship building
Unit 3 – Activating needs to priority
  • Exploring the motivations that drive buyers
  • Questioning for clarity on which needs are priorities
Unit 4 – Presenting a business case solution
  • Understanding features, advantages, benefits and results
  • Presenting a value-based solution
  • Dealing with resistance
Unit 5 – Closing and implementing
  • Understanding buying signals, stress and risks
  • Closing techniques to support the buyer
  • Preparing a checklist and plan for complete implementation
Unit 6 – Cementing the relationship and managing expectations
  • The worth of the customer
  • Developing a feedback system
  • Following up for ongoing relationships

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the selling process.

  • 2 or 3-day workshop, instructor-led
  • A pre and post-workshop skills assessment
  • Comprehensive Learning Guide

“Your training has lifted my time management to the next level.”

Eva Garcia

Lean Coach, Endeavour Foundation

“This will only appear in this course.”

Tom McGoven

Senior Developer, Swish Design