Time Management: Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook

Time & Workload Management All States 1 day duration

Work smarter, not harder. Get organised, take control of your days and your workload with our most popular time management course, WorkingSm@rt using Microsoft Outlook.

Learn how to integrate planning, communications, tasks and activities, and how to apply the Working Smart method that can give you an extra hour, every day.


On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Establish a daily plan for achieving goals
  • Focus on areas of greatest return
  • Gain control of your inbox and email
  • Improve communications
  • Manage your time, tasks and activities
  • Use Microsoft Outlook with a ‘business planning’ approach
Unit 1 – Being productive
  • The key elements needed to help you refine your organisational toolkit
  • Identifying the areas of work that add greatest value
  • Understanding prioritisation

With this ‘productivity platform’ in place, you’ll be in a better position to recognise and manage distractions and interruptions, thereby improving your time management.

Unit 2 – Setting yourself up to work smart
  • Exploring the full power of the Microsoft Outlook ‘toolbox’
  • Setting up the components that will see you working smarter, with more focus
  • Increasing productivity and eliminating unhelpful habits
Unit 3 – Manage your email effectively
  • Taking control of your emails through Microsoft Outlook
  • Managing and prioritising emails for improved productivity
  • Filing and finding your mail
  • Sticking to your priorities regardless of the volume of email traffic
Unit 4 – Managing commitments to enable a sense of achievement
  • The importance of the Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of “planning fallacy”
  • A sense of achievement is possible
Unit 5 – Better results via effective communication and delegation
  • Learning how to plan, capture and follow up effectively on important communications and delegations.
Unit 6 – Priority Planning for Results
  • Discovering how the planning process works for you
  • Becoming more strategic in your daily choices
  • Developing consistency – and a sense of accomplishment

This course is designed for anyone who currently uses Microsoft Outlook, but needs to learn how to do so more effectively – from executive assistants to managers, directors and CEOs.

  • 1-day instructor-led, computer-based training session using Outlook
  • Follow up Coaching Session to reinforce learning
  • Participants are welcome to bring their own laptops along
  • Customised options for shorter in-house training are also available as is Webinar training
  • Comprehensive Learning Guide
  • Lifetime Support
  • Priority Graduate Refresher – come back to us anytime for a refresher course

“Exceptional service and follow up support. Your commitment to ensuring the training was suited our needs was invaluable.

As soon as we experienced your introduction course on Outlook, we knew you were the real deal.”

Carlie Wells, Principal

Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College, Berkeley Vale Campus

“This Outlook training has changed the way I work and my workflow has definitely become much more efficient.

Can’t thank your team enough.”

Libby Trembath, Snr Pathways Officer

School Services, Dept of Education